1. Who Are We?

Collegiate Checklist was founded in 2017 by current and former students at George Mason University, Virginia Tech, and the University of Colorado Boulder. Our current team has degrees in Economics, Professional Writing, Finance, Accounting, and Computer Science. We also correspond and collaborate with other students and parents at numerous schools throughout the United States.

2. Why Did We Create CC?

Our team created Collegiate Checklist after listening to a neighbor complain about the lack of quality information on the transition period between college acceptance and move-in day available online. As former freshmen, we also understood the struggle of finding countless click-bait articles with 50 words and 50 pictures. Solving the problem ourselves seemed like a great way to help future students while also gaining valuable web design, marketing, and content writing experience.

3. What's Our Mission?

Our mission is to simplify the college transition process between high school graduation and move-in day. We believe high-quality writing and research can help alleviate the stress and confusion faced by students and parents. To save our visitors time and money, we’ve spent over 700 hours working on the website and interviewing students. The word “average” does not exist in our vocabulary and we will continue to provide our users with the best content available.

4. Past and Future Goals

Our team launched Collegiate Checklist in 2017 without any previous experience building websites. The first version only had 2 pages and didn’t even work on mobile devices. Unhappy with the results, we spent endless hours watching tutorials and reading web design guides. Since then we’ve undergone 2 top to bottom redesigns and added over 15 pages of new content. Every year the results are unrecognizable, and our emails have been full of visitors thanking us for our help.

Our upcoming goals for Summer 2020 are the most ambitious yet, and we hope you enjoy them! We plan to continue adding tons of new features, articles, and other resources in the months to follow. Thanks for taking the time to learn about us, knowing our readers care makes it even more worthwhile.

5. Have Any Questions?

Our team of students and parents are available to answer any college-related questions you have for free. If you have a question about a specific university will even research for you! Just fill out the email form below and will message you with the answer in under 48 hours.

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