Dorm Shopping Guide

College shopping has never been easier! Our checklist is integrated with product recommendations, need vs. want ratings, and helpful student commentary.

Student Discounts

Target Registry

15% off online order!

  • Order to any store
  • Set custom pickup dates
  • Scan barcodes in store
  • Share your shopping list
  • Set up group gifting
  • Free shipping over $35

Amazon Prime

Free 6 month student trial!

  • 2-Day Shipping
  • Prime Video
  • Prime Music
  • Amazon Channels
  • Audible Channels
  • Twitch Prime

Apple Student

Up to $300 off order!

  • 3-Months Apple Music¬†
  • MacBooks
  • Ipads
  • Pro Apps Bundle
  • Accessories
  • Refurbished Products

Textbook Shopping

Where to Shop

Top 3 Textbook Stores

Our team hates seeing students overpay for their textbooks! We cover the pros/cons of college bookstores and the best places to shop online.

Rent vs. Buy

Pros and Cons

Is renting an easy way to save money? Are rental textbooks in good condition? We cover the pros/cons and the option students prefer the most.

New vs. Used

Pros and Cons

Are new textbooks really worth the extra cost? Are used textbooks in good condition? We explain which option saves students the most money.

Academic Resources

Study Tools

Our Favorite 6

Good study habits are crucial for being successful in college. We cover the 6 best tools for finding and creating study materials.

Writing Tools

Our Favorite 6

College level courses require strong writing skills. We cover the 6 best tools for improving your structure, grammar, and editing.

Research Tools

Our Favorite 4

College papers and assignments require significant amounts of research. We cover the 4 best tools for finding academic sources.